A Perfect List

It's hard not to have heard, read about, or been advised about the value of gratitude.  From every arena, we see its virtues as well as its benefits touted.  Today, in his blog Zen Habits, Leo Babauta posted his list of 31 perfect things.  It's a lovely list, and a happy practice. As we barrel toward the end of another year, before things get crazy, I suggest you make your own list of 31 perfect things. I know it will make you feel good—and calm—and deeply grateful.  Then, as you head into this next two weeks of celebration and devotion, hold these 31 perfect things dear in your radiant heart.

All of us at LifeArt Studio (that would be me and Dash) send you best wishes for a happy holiday and a spectacularly creative new year.

31 Perfect Things Posted: 15 Dec 2015 10:17 AM PST By Leo Babauta

A quiet morning. A walk outdoors. Reading one of those books sitting on your shelves. A cup of tea, drunk slowly. Family. A hug. Meditation. An avocado. Berries, savored. A good workout. Time to practice sketching. A song that gets you dancing. Creating something. This current moment. A connection with someone else. The light of the dying day. Fallen leaves. Warmth. Love. Learning something new. Someone wanting your attention. A friend. Coconut. Reflecting on life, in a journal. People laughing around you. Imagining future possibilities. A bite of mango, lingered over. Writing a love note to someone you miss. Solitude. Knowing that you love yourself. You.

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