Are You Flourishing?

imagesResearchers in the discipline of positive psychology say there are five components to the state of flourishing. 1.  One is "feeling good."  This is loosely defined as having positive emotions and being aware that you are experiencing something positively. 2.  Second is "being engaged."  This means the capacity to be deeply focused on an activity that brings joy, interest, or satisfaction that can lead to the state of flow. 3.  The third component is "having good relationships."  This includes feeling close to people, having a variety of friendships, and being capable of being honest, intimate, and vulnerable with another. 4.  Fourth is "meaning."  People who flourish lead lives and do work that is meaningful and purposeful to them. 5.  And finally comes "achievement."  The state of flourishing usually involves some sort of success in a field.  Standards for what constitutes achievement vary, of course, but positive psychologist find that a sense that one is doing good, making a difference, and performing well usually occurs in people who are flourishing.

In the LifeArt Studio Protocol, we examine these five conditions in light of 5 or 6 core arenas of life.  The exercise can be provocative and intensely revealing.  It can show you where you are blocking yourself from experiencing life to the fullest.

If this sounds like a good thing to you, I invite you to come for a no-cost Creative Momentum Session, and we'll set you on a path of achieving more clarity, focus, and balance—also necessary to a life of flourishing! Contact me to set an appointment.

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