Let's Go to Nica!









Can you see yourself practicing yoga in a setting like this? Sure you can!

Take a look at the amazing experience Grace Van Berkum has created for those of us who will be attending her Design-Your-Life Superfood Yoga Retreat in February, on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. Re-energize yourself, re-align yourself with your highest mission, and dedicate yourself to self-care and life-skills that will support your most joyous living.

This might be just the jump-start you need to make 2016 a year of joy, benefit, and flourishing.

Join me and a small band of other Orlando folks for a week of gentle yoga, creativity coaching, healthy eating, and deep relaxation—all in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. This is a place to become inspired!

Need more information?  Want a little nudge? Contact me and we'll talk!  Come on, let's do this.

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