Petition or Intention?

imagesI have a to-list a mile long today, and it’s so tempting for me to become absolutely consumed in getting to the end of that list. I readily privilege efficiency over effectiveness. But I have come to understand that things don’t go so well when I let my to-do list become the primary focus of my day. Yes, yes, things have to be done, tasks have to be completed, responses need to be made.   But I’ve noticed that the day unfolds more naturally, and I always feel better, when I create intentions that are larger in compass, having more to do with what I want to “be” in the day, rather than merely what I want to “do” in the day.

So this morning, after I wrote my endless to-do list, I added:   Let my spirit soar today. Let my love radiate today. Let me experience joy today. Let resources come freely today. Let me be calm and receptive today. Let me be of benefit.

All perfectly nice intentions, right? But there’s still something problematic about the way I wrote these intentions: they have the quality of request, don’t they? Like I’m petitioning some higher power to fulfill my desires. And that’s not quite the stance I want to take when I make intentions.

So let's rewrite and really establish the feeling of the intention. My spirit soars today. I radiate love today. I experience joy today. Resources come freely and easily to me today. I am calm and receptive today. I am of benefit.

Notice the difference. In petition, I am seeking help outside of myself. I am projecting into the future and hoping that the thing I am asking for will come to me somehow.  Underlying a petition is a belief I do not posses the thing I want.

In intention, I claim the quality right now. I reside in the feeling of confidence the quality creates in me. The act is accomplished, as I know it always is, in open clarity, all possibility. And I claim what already exists for my benefit.

It’s a subtle shift in the language that makes a huge difference in the effect. And it’s a powerful way to honor effectiveness over efficiency.

"The meaning that you give an event is the belief that caused the event, or caused the attraction of that event into your life.  -- Joe Vitale

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