Design a Life of Inspired Action

siaccit3vy3dclasl5aiLast Saturday, 15 high performers gathered with me at the Walden Community School to talk about foundational practices, one of the keystone features of the LifeArt Protocol. A foundational practice is something that you do every day that ensures you  the energy, focus, and inspiration to perform your very best in the endeavors that are most important to you. They give you access to your highest intelligence, your inspired creativity, and your deepest wisdom. As many of you who read me regularly know, I'm intensely interested in learning about the daily routines and practices of high performers, from a variety of arenas like sports, business, the arts, or any endeavor of passion. What does it take to be effective in the work we devote our life to?

As you can imagine, the answers to this question vary, but in reading dozens of biographies and autobiographies of successful people, and listening to hundreds of interviews of high performers or people who study high performance, I've found a few practices rising to the top of the list of possibilities. Of course, for each one of us, a list of daily practices that assure that we will feel good, be on our game, and remain high energy and well focused throughout the day is lengthy.

But four seem to top the list. They are:

  1. Sleep well. At least 8 or 9 hours.
  2. Eat well. Power your body and body using food as medicine.
  3. Move. Every day, practice some sort of physical activity, alternating between rigorous workouts and easy walks or gentle yoga.
  4. Mindfulness. Meditation is the form of mindfulness practice that is advocated by most high performers.  It has been said that meditation is the way to manage the trauma of thinking.  But if meditation does not work for you, most high performers agree that some sort of  mindfulness practice is necessary.

Beyond these four core practices, each of us identified  other practices that really support our personal and professional endeavors. And this is the key—learning how to recognize what really works for you, and  being honest about how cleverly you avoid those things that really work.

Our Foundational Practices Workshop is a exercise in self-inquiry, asking participants to examine the specific daily actions that assure excellence in their work, play, and relationships.   But in the coaching world, self-inquiry must be followed up with inspired action. At LifeArt Studio, we love helping people design a life of “inspired action.”

We offer this workshop three times a year, so if you missed the March event, watch for announcement of the repeat performance in mid-July. We would love to help you build your foundation to the next best version of YOU.

Or, come in for a no-cost Creative Momentum Session to talk about how you’re doing with your unique set of foundational practices.

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