Feet to the Fire!

imagesIs there a project you can't seem to get off the ground?  Would you like some help in moving it forward?  LifeArt Studio is offering its first accountability group, and here's the scoop. LifeArt Studio Accountability Group

So here’s the deal: On April 18, LifeArt Studio is offering an accountability group for people starting (or wanting to start) a project and want support, encouragement, hand-holding, or a little bit of a kick in the pants (that would be me). At our meetings, we try to recognize and then disarm the obstacles that keep us from doing, making, or accomplishing that project we’ve been thinking about for years. Does this sound like you???

I’m going to be an actual member of this group because I have a book that desperately needs to be revised and re-published, and I’ve been putting this off for about 4 years now.   So I need help too!

There are several things I'd like to receive from  this group, but I want it to be a collaborative effort among creative women who are dedicated to doing their best work in service of their highest mission.  So this is no small endeavor I am offering to you!

I'll get us started at the first session (April 18) by talking a bit about the importance of articulating goals and establishing action steps to support those goals.   I will review some of the latest research on goal-setting and then encourage everyone to set goals for each month.

Feet to the Fire

And then, the fun begins as each participant explains what she wants to do. (Yes, say it out loud!!) We’ll meet once a month for six months, and our central task is so simple: we get together to support one another. But there's more than mere support to an accountability group.  There's feet to the fire!images

Our primary purpose will be simply to say how we did during the previous month—where we went wrong, the challenges we faced, and the state of mind that is shaping the way we work.  My hope, always, is that our sessions will be motivating and inspiring, and helpful to you as you head into the new month with a clear sense of purpose and intention and dedication about what you want to create.  Remember, we don't want to live our creative lives by default.  We want to actively intend to create big, bold, brave, beautiful, bountiful, and beneficial work.  (Wow.  That's a lot of b's, right?)

Who’s the Teacher? You Are!

But I also need to say (for myself as much as for you) that my goal in this group is to resist the role of "teacher."  (Although many of you know I usually can't help myself.)  But there won't be lessons, per se.  I will, of course, share articles, webinars, ideas, strategies to help us all achieve our goals, but for the most part, an accountability group is a ramped-up support group.  We'll hold each other accountable to be and produce our highest and best during the month.  And we'll be honest with each other when that doesn't happen (with no judgment), and we'll be celebratory with each other when it does happen (with a glass of wine!).  A group like this is designed as a vehicle for getting better and better at what we want to be good at. We teach each other when we do that.  Pretty cool, right?

And Here’s The Deal

At the first session—on Monday, April 18—we'll talk more about all of this; we'll set the guidelines as to how we want to proceed, consider best meeting times, and other administrative details.

And it's such a deal!  We're going to meet once a month for six months, usually for about 2 hours.  The fee for ALL SIX SESSIONS is $90.  You cannot spend your money any better than investing in your creative life.

Transport yourself into the future six months, say September 25. What would it feel like to have made huge progress on an idea, a relationship, a creative project, or a business idea that you’ve been thinking about for a long time? How would you actually “feel” having expressed, created, or designed what obviously wants to come up out of you? Are you willing to push it away one more time?

So come on, let's do this together!  Join us on Monday evening, April 18, 7:00-9:00 p.m.  Contact me at info@lezlielaws.com to reserve your space.

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