It Starts with Awareness

images-1In quietness all things are answered, and every problem is quietly resolved.

A Course in Miracles

We're all seeking something, and of course we all follow different paths in trying to find that something. Religion, work, silence, prayer, drugs, alcohol, material goods, relationships, sensory experience — the list of options is long. There are traditions that relish the seeking; and there are traditions that say seeking is not necessary because you have already arrived. Whatever existential position you hold, I think we can all agree that finding and/or accepting the place we want to be requires our time, our deep attention, and a capacity for recognizing and then disarming the obstacles that keep us from arriving at that ineffable point of contentment. I'm talking about a sense of being comfortable. A sense that we're OK. A sense that we matter. A sense of purpose. A capacity to create.

Isn't this what we all want? Isn't this yearning the very quality that lets us know we are all made out of the same cosmic fabric?

So ask yourself, are you trying to get somewhere or are you failing to believe that you are already there? This is a good question to ponder before you undertake a transformative practice. Just how is it that you want to transform? What is the belief system that is causing you to feel frustrated or unhappy or unsuccessful or "not quite right," as one of my clients said recently. What is the seat of the anxiety that runs subtlety through your days.

Big questions, right? I love them. I thrive in them. I can't say that I can answer them, but I surely do love to engage in conversations and practices that extend our capacity to see our behavior honestly and compassionately. I am convinced that such conversations and practices build the foundations for making small, subtle shifts that lead to big differences in the way we can experience our experiences and respond to our experiences. There's just a whole lot about this world that we have absolutely no control over. But what we feel and how we respond to what we feel are two aspects of experience that we have enormous control over.

Here at LifeArt Studio, we make a study of how human beings can control what they feel by learning constructive ways of responding to what they feel. We do not have to live at the effect of the seemingly uncontrollable feelings that overcome us all the time: frustrated this moment; worried the next moment; annoyed constantly; anxious endlessly. Needy, needy, needy.   Without awareness of ourselves, we can be bullied by our own emotions and as a result depleted of our best energies for enjoying and creating the life we want.

Awareness is the first step.

In the month of June, we're continuing a course that explores various types of meditative practices and how they can help us establish greater control over how we perceive and react to our lives. It's a practice.

In May, we practiced with three technologies that enhance our capacity to meditate and thus become more deeply aware of how our minds work: guided meditations, Holosync brain entrainment, and EmWave heart and brain coherence. In June, we're learning three other techniques that support the stilling of the mind and resting in a state of openhearted acceptance and receptivity: the Sedona Method; bio-feedback and progressive relaxation; and tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique).

The June 3 session focusing on the Sedona Method is filled, but let me know if you would like to be placed on a waiting list, in case a seat opens. There are still seats available in the June 8 session on bio-feedback and progressive relaxation lead by Marylou Gantner. And Heidi Behr's June 15 session on tapping has three seats available. You can find more information on these sessions on our Classes & Events page - and to register, drop me a line at

Wouldn't you love to gain greater ease, comfort, and joy in walking your unique path? You can; it's a practice.  Join us this month.