Eudaimonia: the art of flourishing

imagesIn his Nicomachean Ethics (1095a15–22), Aristotle uses the word eudaimonia to mean "doing and living well." The word eudaimonia is now most often translated to mean “human flourishing” —the innate potential of each individual to live a life of enduring happiness, penetrating wisdom, optimal well being, and authentic love and compassion. Join us at LifeArt studio in cultivating your unique version of eudaimonia. It's a practice we must undertake each and every day.

One thing we know for sure: you become more attuned to your eudaimonia when you practice some form of meditation or quieting of the mind. Such practices habituate us to mining our inner domain; they increase our skill in leveraging problems into possibilities, grievances into gratitudes, and resistance into ease.

Join us in the pursuit of eudaimonia. Know that you are destined to flourish. LifeArt Studio is here to help.

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