Proceed in the Direction of Your Goal

imagesOn this glorious Sunday morning, I’m thinking about the two accountability groups we're running this summer at LifeArt Studio.  It has been so helpful to articulate our goals and lay out our action steps in these groups.  We  hold the space for each other to remain focused, disciplined, and devoted to the intentions we've set.  If you find yourself stuck on a particular goal you've been trying to achieve, I highly recommend this supportive process. So, thinking everyone can use a little nudge when it comes to holding fast to a goal, let me share a note I just sent out to the accountability groups this morning.

First of all, to achieve a goal you must proceed in its direction, not away from it.  (Easier said than done!) This means, of course, in your actions, but also in thoughts, attitudes, inclinations, habits, core assumptions and beliefs.  Point them ALL in the direction of your goal.

Be vigilant in observing when and how an attitude or a habit is pulling you in a different direction.  Be rigorous in examining how certain beliefs or assumptions you hold about yourself— or about your life—or about what is possible— actually FAIL to support your moving in the direction of your goal.  Fighting the battles of our false beliefs, useless habits, and negative influences can be the most challenging part of pursuing a goal.

For many of us, just the act of articulating a goal can be quite difficult, but once it’s out there, and clear and precise in your mind, then achieving a goal is not really that hard.  Step one:  Bring your full attention and desire to the goal, every single day.   Step two:  Take careful, attentive, baby steps each day in the direction of your goal.

And finally, always, always ask for help and support when you need it.  That's what accountability groups are all about.   Be bold, and might warriors will come to your aid!

InspirationLezlie Laws