An Open Letter to Artists

lr-July-2016-Emotions-300dpi.1In an inspiring open letter to the next generation of artists, jazz giants Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter point the way to a more artful and peaceful world. They offer ten pieces of advice about how each one of us can and must make our unique offering to this troubled world. And it begins with cultivating our own inner peace. Please read the full article and be inspired. Here are four of my favorite suggestions they give:

  1. Awaken to Your Humanity (We are all in this together.)
  2. Welcome the Unknown (Facing the unknown triggers creativity and instigates potential.)
  3. Understand the True Nature of Obstacles (Failure is a new opportunity.)
  4. Be Wary of Ego (Creativity diminishes when ego runs wild.)

In small and private ways, each one of us can promote radical change in a world that needs radical help. A simple practice from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition will suffice:

Pause for a moment.

Be still.

In the gap between thoughts, notice what is happening in your senses.

Be in the body.

Be open to an awareness that is free of labels, judgments, or comparisons.

Let go.

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