Jennifer Foster: Making Mindfulness a Way of Life

Jennifer Foster, doing what she does best:   inspiring kids! "The best place to practice is a place you don't want to be, using the time you don't think you have."  -- Karen Maezen Miller, Buddhist priest

Here at LifeArt Studio, we’re finishing up a summer that has been devoted to the study and practice of a variety of mindfulness practices. Lots of sitting, lots of walking meditation in the garden, lots of experimentation with mindfulness technologies. It’s been intense for all who have participated, and oh-so-satisfying.

As the summer winds down, and we begin to gear up for our new fall session, I am thrilled to share some thoughts from Jennifer Foster, one of our participants who beautifully captures the challenge and the rewards of dedication to practice.  She writes:

I've been engaging in a lot of conversations about mindfulness and meditation lately and frequently receive the same responses/feedback that I use to give.

It's generally starts with "I can't quiet my mind enough to meditate," or another favorite "I don't have time to meditate" or "I have tried different kinds of meditation but don't really have a structured plan or know how to leverage different types based on what's going on in my own life."

My typical response is that most of what you think you know about meditation is likely a great exaggeration. Sure, there are extremes to everything and this is no different. The important thing is to do what feels right to you, and that is likely different for everyone.

How do I know this? Because, I learned the hard way, and it's one of the best things that ever happened to me. What I realized through creating simple mindfulness habits profoundly changed my own life.

A few months ago, I decided to ramp up my willy-nilly meditation practice (frankly, out of necessity) and started working with a coach to help educate me and open my mind to the science and potential of different types of meditation.

I started with a loving kindness practice and it changes how I approach situations every single day. I find, now, that mindfulness has become much more a way of life than a designated active meditation. My goal is to live it rather than just designate time to practice it. Some days, this works and others...not so much! Can you relate? What I love about having a coach is that she's opened my mind up to doing other types of meditation that push my mind, sensibilities, etc. and I'm enjoying the exploration.

Lezlie Laws is that coach and from the first day I met her, I knew she was the right person to help me explore my personal goals.

If any of this resonates with you, and you've been thinking about wanting to explore your own mindfulness and meditation goals, then I highly recommend Lezlie. At the very least, she'll help you realize whether you are ready to get serious about this—and that, is a tremendous start.

Jennifer Foster is the Founder of Kids’ Wellness Alliance, LLC - a children’s health and wellness edutainment company and creator Yoga Dog™, an edutainment and activity based program for children. Over the past 23 years, Jennifer has written, produced and directed industrial and broadcast projects for many of the most prestigious corporations in the world. Through her work as owner of Foster Productions, she has produced a wide range of content including Commercial, Documentary, Learning Development, Marketing, Animation, and Broadcast media.

Jennifer’s passion for creating entertaining and purposeful content, coupled with her industry experience and vision for raising the bar on children’s entertainment, are the driving forces behind Yoga Dog™ and KWA!





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