Experience Your Experiences

images-1The purpose of life is to experience your experiences. Think about it. . .

Many of us move mindlessly from experience to experience and fail to be aware of the essential nature of the experience. We rush through tasks, conversations, projects, thinking we need to get on to the next thing. Such rushing causes us to miss the richness, the beauty, and the potential that lie at the heart of every experience.

When we construct a life that is based on rushing and urgency, we can begin to feel empty inside and mistakenly believe that if we simply change what we are experiencing all will be well again. And so we rush after yet another new experience, trying to gobble up life so that we can feel satisfied, purposeful, or happy.

What is the antidote to this grasping after experience and then not really being present to the very experience we wanted so desperately?

This is the topic of the workshop we’re offering this coming Saturday called Foundational Practices for Living Happily, Creatively, and Productively. I want to share with you some of the reasons we can work very, very hard at creating a life, and yet still feel dissatisfied. We’ll talk about the thought patterns and obstacles that get in our way, and we’ll also examine the habits of mind and the daily practices that will create the conditions for your unique flourishing in this world.

We’ll meet from 1:00 to 4:30 on Saturday, September 10, to explore these ideas and to construct your own set of foundational practices for healthy living. Join us for an inspiring few hours that may help you to more fully experience your experiences!

Please contact me at lezlielaws.com to register for this event.  A $20. reservation fee will hold a place for you.

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