Where Is Your Attention?

Tanya-Kushner-FlowersDeepak Chopra says, “Attention energizes; intention transforms.” It’s a powerful statement, and when employed thoughtfully can revolutionize the way your days unfold. Here is a short reflective exercise that will help you begin to note where your attention is and direct that attention toward what you want, instead of what you don’t want.

Below are some questions that can bring laser-like focus to things that are asking for your attention (but maybe haven’t yet been articulated at the conscious level). In addition, these questions will lead you to a set of intentions and action steps that help you construct your day  in a way that will be deeply satisfying—and highly productive.

Take 20 minutes to do a free writing in response to these questions. Then, consider what specific actions might allow you to move productively, beneficially, and even lovingly through your day.

  1. What’s bugging you? (About anything. Come on. . . get it all out!!
  2. What do you want instead of what is bugging you? (Remember, answer this while looking through the lens of limitlessness. Go wild.)
  3. What would you have to drop or stop in order to get what you want? (Be honest!)
  4. What accomplishments/actions/events/feelings would make this a great day for you?
  5. Now, get scissors and cut out your answers to questions 1 and 3, and keep your answers to questions 2 and 4. This is where your attention should be. And once you are focusing more fully on what you want and what you can do (instead of what you don’t want and what you have been doing wrong), you will be well on the way to moving through your day more productively, beneficially, and even lovingly.

Try it. It works.

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