TIA Method Workshop This Saturday!

TIA Method JournalMark this date! Saturday, February 17, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

That’s the time I would love to have you join us for the TIA Method Workshop. The TIA Method is a daily practice for seeing more of the goodness all around us and in us. It is not a trick or a wish or a hack or a vague hope—it’s a dedicated practice for seeing and experiencing the extraordinary beauty of the world.

The TIA Method (thank-intend-ask) offers a practice for inviting happiness, groundedness, and personal accomplishment into your life. The great wisdom traditions have long advocated the value of gratitude as both a spiritual and an ethical practice. Modern sciences now affirm the benefits of cultivating gratitude and positive thinking as a way to re-frame our attitude about and response to experience. What we are delivering here is old news—ancient traditions wrapped up in contemporary scientific insight.

Gratitude practice is one leg of the three-pronged TIA Method. After gratitude, the TIA Method advocates clarity of intentions and surrendering problems to higher intelligence. Together, these three parts of the TIA Method offer skillful means for cultivating the life we want to live—one of joy, grace, purpose, and equanimity.


  • You’ll get a refresher on why gratitude is so important, and you’ll learn how a daily intention practice can help you manifest the joys and accomplishments you most desire.
  • You’ll receive a copy of the brand new TIA Journal, and a full description for using this new journal.
  • And, you’ll get Bulletproof coffee and Bulletproof protein bites for your pleasure! They will super-power your brain!

You can register right now.


If you answer yes to any of the statements below, this is the workshop for you!

  1. You need a beginning-of-the-year jump start on maintaining your gratitude and intention practice.
  2. You need a reminder of how powerful keeping a gratitude journal is for manifesting intentions.
  3. You have forgotten the kinds of shifts that can happen in your moods, attitudes, and energy when you practice gratitude and intending.
  4. You want a template for practice that represents the very core concepts of LifeArt Studio.
  5. You want to see the beautiful art work of Nina Chatham throughout the journal. (And Nina will be with us, too!)
  6. You need to be in the company of inspiring and flourishing women.

I know you will find the TIA Method inspiring and practical.  Please join me on Saturday, Feb. 17, for a “working” coffee klatch / jump start / joyful gathering!!! Register here.


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