Small Group Series Options

Clarify your vision, get inspired by fellow seekers and journey together toward joy, authenticity, and purpose by booking a progressive series of small group sessions. A minimum of three participants (maximum of 11) is required for each small group session. Questions? Email Lezlie or call (407) 227-7456 for more information.

Living the Beautiful Questions Group Experience

Explore and practice habits of mind that shape your life experience. Learn universal principles from the world’s great wisdom traditions, insights from neurobiology, provocative “beautiful questions” that push us to see ourselves more clearly, and skills for catching and redirecting debilitating thoughts. If you have ever struggled to understand, change, or control a situation or a relationship, this course offers skills to reshape your experience so you can create, love and express yourself in beneficial ways.

Accountability Groups

We all work more efficiently, productively, and happily with supportive colleagues to encourage us, advise us, and straighten us out when we are derailed. In this small group, set goals for a personal growth project, and regularly check in to measure progress. Together, we’ll honestly but compassionately examine the things that are keeping us from moving forward; celebrate our progress; and revisit daily practices that support us in living our deepest mission and purpose.

Open Theme Small Groups

Work with Lezlie to tailor your own small group experience. Learn about LifeArt foundational tools, and revisit strategies to reinforce your daily practice; explore ways to overcome challenges and flourish more deeply; work with Lezlie to deeply explore a meaningful book; and more. Whatever your goal, your small group is an opportunity to experience the power of community within an intimate, unforgettable learning experience.


What People Are Saying

"Lezlie’s TIA Method reshaped my life. When I began listing things I was grateful for, my worldview gradually shifted from scarcity to abundance. When I recorded how I wanted to feel and what I wanted to accomplish, newfound clarity and purpose emerged. When I had no idea how I was going to get from point A to point B, I asked for help. I now have a new, engaging job, more fabulous than I ever imagined."

~ Denise S.