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Discover how LifeArt tools can enhance your clarity, purpose, and joy. Join Lezlie at an upcoming workshop or event, or request a workshop or presentation for your organization, school, or studio. Questions? Email Lezlie or call (407) 227-7456 for more information.

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Coming soon! Explore Fall 2019 Small Group Sessions, including a TIA Method Group.

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LifeArt Foundational Practices Workshop

Explore daily physical & mental practices that lead to deep transformation
Three-Hour Workshop

This workshop is “the foundation” of the LifeArt approach to living creatively, creating a life of benefit, and finding joy and equanimity in your “one wild and precious life.” Foundational practices are actions taken every day that result in strength, focus, energy, creativity, and productivity. Done with ridiculous consistency, these practices create deeply satisfying transformations over time. Learn how to incorporate daily practices of high performers into your own life, so you can offer your very best self to your friends, family, co-workers, and community. Plus, get tips to stay motivated to live your life full-out, with joy, purpose, and benefit to yourself and others.


Discover the TIA Method: A Daily Practice for Finding Radical Joy

Shift your life through a transformative practice of thanks, intention & asking
Three-Hour Workshop

The TIA Method (thank-intend-ask) is a daily practice for seeing more of the goodness around us, and in us. This “method” is not a trick or a wish or a vague hope, but a dedicated practice to help us experience the extraordinary beauty of the world. The three-pronged TIA Method combines gratitude with clarity of intentions and surrendering problems to higher intelligence. Together, they offer skillful means for cultivating the life we want to live — one of joy, grace, purpose, and equanimity. Workshop participants will have an opportunity to purchase their own copy of Lezlie’s TIA Journal, a beautiful and inspirational 90-day tool to help modern seekers tap into ancient wisdom.


Corporate & Educational Speaking

Empowering audiences with tools for joy, wellness and productivity
Tailored to your organization

As a lifelong teacher and mentor who has worked with thousands of students of all ages, Lezlie is a frequent guest on shows and podcasts, and a popular keynote speaker who regularly appears at corporate, nonprofit, and academic conferences. Her workshops and presentations aim to inspire and empower audiences with LifeArt techniques for increasing happiness, physical wellbeing, productivity and achievement through daily practices and reshaping habits of mind. Lezlie partners with organizations individually to tailor workshops and presentations to a specific group, and her offerings can be combined for a weekend conference or retreat.  


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Learn how you can work with Lezlie one-on-one or in a small group to explore practices that will jumpstart your personal journey.


What People Are Saying

"When I attended Lezlie’s workshop, I decided on a daily practice of four simple things, which I have continued to follow for more than six months. The improvements to my life have been amazing. I feel more at peace in my daily life. I make deliberate, conscious choices about how I spend my time and energy. I am more creative and freed up. I actually look forward to starting each morning with my foundational practices."

~ Patricia C.